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Camille Sofa is a contemporary and highly customizable piece of furniture designed to enhance modern spaces while offering a wide range of options for personalization. Here are its key features:


  • Contemporary Design: The Camille Sofa features a fully upholstered design with straight lines, making it an excellent choice for contemporary spaces. Its clean and sleek appearance adds a touch of modern elegance to the room.

  • Versatile Leg Options: The sofa's legs are versatile in design, providing customers with the option to choose from various leg designs. This customization allows the sofa to be cohesive with different design requirements and aesthetics, ensuring it fits seamlessly into the room's overall look.

  • Fabric or Leather Options: Customers have the freedom to choose their own fabric or leather for the upholstery, making the sofa a truly personalized piece of furniture. This customization allows you to select the material that best suits your design preferences and matches the color scheme of the space.

  • Hardwood Frame: The sofa is constructed with a hardwood frame, ensuring durability and longevity. Hardwood provides a sturdy foundation, making the sofa capable of withstanding regular use.

  • Hospitality Standard Foam: The use of hospitality standard foam for the sofa's cushions ensures both comfort and durability. This high-quality foam meets the standards required for commercial and hospitality settings, making the sofa suitable for various applications.

Camille Sofa - SS 002

  • Dimensions: 80" x 31-1/2" x 36" Ht

    Hardwood Frame with cabinet or marine grade plywood

    Hardware: Branded, Roller bearing drawer slides and soft close hinges

    Finish: Customer's Own Match or HFG Standard (PVC UV Resistant, water and stain resistant)

    Camille Sofa is a customizable and contemporary furniture piece that combines a sleek design with versatile leg options, upholstery material choices, a hardwood frame, and hospitality standard foam. This level of customization allows you to create a sofa that not only complements your space's design but also provides the comfort and quality expected in both residential and commercial settings.


    Wood Species:  Philippine Mahogany, Rubberwood, Ash, and Oak

    Finishes: Match Designer Sample or HFG Standard

    Metals: Aluminum, Rust Proof Steel, Stainless Steel or Powder Coated

    Stone Tops:  Fossil or Marble

    Laminates: Wide Selection from various brands

    Glass: Tempered

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