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The Dico Dresser is an integral part of the Dico Collection, designed to maintain the versatility and accent elements that are consistent throughout the collection. Here are some key features and characteristics of the Dico Dresser:

  • 6 Drawers: The dresser features six drawers, providing ample storage space for clothing, accessories, and other personal items. The functional aspect of the dresser is enhanced by its earthy-inspired design elements.

  • Versatility: Just like other pieces in the Dico Collection, the dresser offers versatility in design and customization. This means that customers and designers can choose finishes, materials, and other details to match their specific design requirements and preferences.

  • Accent Elements: The Dico Dresser incorporates the same accent elements found in the rest of the collection, such as crushed coconut shell accents. These accents add texture, visual interest, and a natural touch to the dresser's design.

  • Cohesive Collection: The Dico Dresser is designed to maintain cohesion with the entire Dico Collection. This consistency in design aesthetics and the use of similar materials creates a harmonious and visually appealing collection of furniture pieces.

  • Functional and Stylish: In addition to its functional storage capabilities, the dresser also serves as a stylish and eye-catching piece of furniture. It combines practicality with a unique and earthy-inspired design, making it suitable for a variety of interior settings.

  • Complementing Mirror and Nightstand: The Dico Dresser complements the Dico Mirror and Nightstand, creating a well-coordinated and cohesive bedroom ensemble. This allows for the creation of harmonious and aesthetically pleasing bedroom interiors.

Dico Dresser - CG 007

  • Dimensions: 48" x 24" x 30" Ht

    Hardwood Frame with cabinet or marine grade plywood

    Hardware: Branded, Roller bearing drawer slides and soft close hinges

    Finish: Customer's Own Match or HFG Standard (PVC UV Resistant, water and stain resistant)


    Wood Species:  Philippine Mahogany, Rubberwood, Ash, and Oak

    Finishes: Match Designer Sample or HFG Standard

    Metals: Aluminum, Rust Proof Steel, Stainless Steel or Powder Coated

    Stone Tops:  Fossil or Marble

    Laminates: Wide Selection from various brands

    Glass: Tempered

    The Dico Dresser is a part of the Dico Collection and shares the same versatile and accent-driven design approach as the other pieces in the collection. With its six drawers and harmonious design elements, it combines functionality and style to enhance bedroom spaces with an earthy-inspired look and a touch of natural beauty.

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