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The Nicolas Nightstand is a well-crafted and customizable bedroom furniture piece designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the bedroom. Here are its key features:


  • Hardwood Construction: The nightstand is constructed with a hardwood frame, ensuring its durability and stability. Hardwood is known for its strength and longevity, making it an ideal choice for furniture that is built to last.

  • Single Drawer: The nightstand features a single drawer, providing convenient storage space for items such as bedside essentials, books, or personal items. The drawer's interior can be customized to meet specific storage needs.

  • Hospitality Grade Drawer Glide: The drawer is equipped with a hospitality-grade drawer glide. This high-quality glide ensures smooth and effortless opening and closing of the drawer, even with frequent use.

  • Bottom Shelf: In addition to the drawer, the nightstand includes a hardwood bottom shelf. This shelf offers an additional surface for storing or displaying items, such as decorative accents, magazines, or electronics.

  • Customizable Front Drawer Face: Clients have the freedom to customize the front drawer face to align with the overall design intent of the space. This customization can involve choosing a specific finish, material, or design pattern to create a cohesive look.

  • Customizable Footings: The footings of the nightstand can also be customized to match the existing casegoods and headboard design. This customization option ensures that the nightstand seamlessly integrates into the room's overall aesthetic.

  • Drawer Hardware Pull: Clients can select a drawer hardware pull that complements the nightstand's design and the room's decor. This choice allows for personalized accents that enhance the overall look of the nightstand.

  • Versatile Use: The Nicolas Nightstand is versatile and can be used in various bedroom settings, including hotels, guestrooms, and residential bedrooms. Its functional design and customization options make it suitable for different spaces.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with attention to detail and quality, the nightstand reflects excellent craftsmanship. It is designed to withstand everyday use and maintain its visual appeal over time.

  • Custom Finish Options: Clients can choose from a range of finish options for the nightstand's frame, allowing for customization that complements the room's color scheme and design theme.

Nicolas Nightstand - CG 002

  • Dimensions: 24" W x 18" D x 24" Ht

    Finish: Match or HFG Standard Finish

    Drawer Faces: Customizable

    Drawer Hardware Pull: Customizable 
    Footings: Customizable

    Nicolas Nightstand is a customizable and functional addition to bedrooms, offering both storage convenience and the opportunity to align with the room's design aesthetic. Its hardwood construction, hospitality-grade drawer glide, and customizable features make it a versatile and durable choice for enhancing bedroom spaces.

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