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The Polana Arm Chair is a unique and exclusive seating option that stands out due to its distinctive back design and fixed back and seat. Here are the key features of this chair:


Distinctive Back Design: The defining feature of the Polana Arm Chair is its distinct back design. This design element is exclusive to the manufacturer, HFG (Hospitality Furniture Group), making the chair a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. The unique back design adds a touch of originality and visual interest to the chair, setting it apart from other seating options.

Fixed Back and Seat: The chair features a fixed back and seat, providing stability and comfort for users. The fixed design eliminates the need for constant adjustment, making it a convenient seating choice for various settings.

Exclusive to HFG: The fact that the back design is exclusive to HFG means that customers can only find this particular chair from this manufacturer. This exclusivity can be a compelling selling point for those looking for distinctive and standout furniture pieces.

Polana Arm Chair

  • Dimensions:

    Polana Arm Chair is characterized by its exclusive and unique back design, which is a signature feature of HFG. Its fixed back and seat add to its practicality and comfort, making it a noteworthy and exclusive seating option for various settings, such as hotels, restaurants, or other hospitality spaces.

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